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Bed Bugs

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Ticks area annoying and even frightening to homeowners because they can often be seen on walls and furnishings if the pet is infested

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Silverfish are tropical insects that easily adapt to the structural environment.

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Spiders have an appearance that is easily recognized by most people.

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Indian Meal Moth

Indian meal moths are one of the most common stored product pests found in homes, food processing plants, grain storage and processing facilities.

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Mosquitos prefer to breed in water with high organic-matter content contained in artificial containers, such as cans, tires, rain barrels, storm sewer basins, as well as ponds and wells.

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Millipedes thrive outdoors and under concrete slabs where there is moisture and decaying organic matter such as trash, leaves, grass clippings, mulch and unclean drains.

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Cat and dog fleas can be found in the same area and are very similar in appearance.

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The chirping sound you are hearing at night could be the smoke alarm batteries – or those crickets in your crawlspace or attic.

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Cockroaches are among the most common insect pests. They have been here nearly 350 million years. They come in many sizes from very small to several inches long.

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In recent years ants have become one of the most prolific household pests. Ants are among the most successful of insects – the most challenging to rid from your home.

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