Where One-Call, One-Truck, One-Tech Saves You 50% on Termite & Pest Control Everyday

Other pest control companies do business the old fashioned way. They pay high commissions to door to door salesmen; they have service trucks with the minimum equipment and poorly trained technicians who can only do specific tasks. ValuePest has redefined the termite and pest control industry with standards and systems that are guaranteed to get the job done right and save you tons of money. Our "ValuePest" System combines One-Call, One-Truck and One Technician to give you total protection from every bug. As America's fastest growing pest control company, our clients are able to take advantage of special discounts. The bottom line is: ValuePest.com will save you money on your termite and pest control!

One-Call - Saves You Time & Money

When most people need termite service, they shop for it the old fashioned way. They'll spend 2 to 3 hours, calling 5 or 10 pest control companies out of the phonebook - before they finally get frustrated and give up. That's one reason why they end up paying way too much for termite and pest control. They can't stand the process of gathering and comparing quotes. People hate waiting around for 3 or 4 high pressure salesmen to come out to their house - so they end up paying way too much to the first guy that shows up. In fact, there are some companies charging $1,200 to $1500 for a simple termite treatment. That's outrageous!

Here's a better way. Call ValuePest.com! We've got the best termite service in the pest control business and in about 5 minutes we'll explain our proven system, answer your questions and give you our exact service fees right over the phone. And, the best part is because we eliminated the outside salesman from system, we pass the savings along to you. That's how "One-Call" saves you money. Now let's move on and let me show you how the next step in the ValuePest System, "One-Truck" helps to save you time and money.

One-Truck - Saves You Time & Money

Because other pest control companies still split their services vehicles, (termites trucks vs. pest control trucks, etc.), it takes them multiple trips to your home to totally solve all of your bug problems. We think that's crazy. Just think about how much it costs to buy, insure, repair and drive an extra truck all over town everyday. That's the second way ValuePest saves you time and money. One service truck, with all of the necessary equipment to do the total job costs a lot less to operate and when we save, we pass those savings along to you.

One-Technician - Saves You Time & Money

Did you know when you call other pest control companies - there could be as many as four or five different strangers coming to your home? They start off with the salesman who comes out to do the "FREE inspection." Then another guy comes out to kill the termites and another technician or two comes out for the third or fourth appointment to step on the ants and spiders. It's so frustrating and a big waste of your time. And the worse part is... Who ends up paying for all these guys? That's right, you do. Not with ValuePest. We value your time and your money. We cross-train our technicians to do every job and we give every technician the equipment to do the job right the first time.

The Choice Is Yours

Now that you know how we save you big money, you've got 2 choices when termites or other bugs attack your home. If you've got nothing better to do, spend a couple days calling around - trying to get quotes from pest control companies - who will charge you way too much or call ValuePest right now and save hundreds of dollars with our hassle-free ValuePest System!