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Hopefully, you’ve requested to read this special report because you’re thinking about starting some kind of business. Looking for the right opportunity that fits your goals and your particular circumstance takes a lot of patience, and in some cases, a big leap of faith.

I totally understand where you are… BECAUSE I’VE BEEN THERE TOO!

Hello, my name is Bob Jones. I’m the founder and CEO of ValuePest®, The Guaranteed Solution To Your Home’s Pest Problems and I have been in the pest control industry since 1983.

Over the past thirty-plus years, I have started my own pest control business, I’ve been a pesticide manufacturer, a franchise owner and now a franchisor. As a franchisor I’ve developed successful ValuePest franchised operations in the states of NC, SC, VA, KS and MO.

My goal in writing this report is to briefly introduce you to what I believe is the most exciting opportunity to hit the service industry in decades. So, let’s begin with…

Why Start a Pest Control Business?

Well that’s easy. Just look around your own house right now…I’ll bet, that if you walked around your house in less than ten minutes, and without any pest control training, you can find multiple insects infesting and thriving in, and around your home.

  • Spiders and spider webs
  • Ants – various types crawling in, on or under the foundation
  • Termites – silently devouring the equity in your home
  • Cockroaches – living in the bushes that surrounds your property

And, that’s just the insect pests that I can think of off the top of my head. What about the pests residing in your closets, attic and garage? There is an unlimited opportunity waiting in almost every home, on every street, in every city of the United States!

Pest Control is a $6 Billion Dollar, Recession-Proof Industry!

The pest control business is the perfect service business because of its low start-up costs and high profit potential. It is one of the most exciting opportunities in the home services/home improvement industry.

Who is ValuePest?

ValuePest is one of the fastest growing pest control companies in the country. Our company’s business model is founded on a 4-part system that includes Franchise Owners, Services, Systems, and Technology.

Franchise Owners

The main ingredient in ValuePest’s explosive growth comes from the efficient recruitment of motivated franchise owners combined with our effective direct-to-consumer marketing programs.

In the service business you are only as good as the person providing the service. That’s why, we only grant franchises to highly qualified people who share our core values and are truly motivated to grow a business – then we train them to perform our exclusive ValuePest System. And it really works!

Last year, ValuePest franchise owners provided termite and pest control services to literally thousands of homes and increased our customer base by huge margins.

Even through the worst economic conditions, the ValuePest brand has a proven marketing strategy that creates thousands of sales leads each year. And because our exclusive ValuePest System is the most thorough treatment, has the best price and the best guaranty in the industry our closing ratio remains one of the highest in the pest control industry.

ValuePest Services

ValuePest franchise owners perform several profitable services.

ValuePest Systems

ValuePest has developed several unique systems for each component of the business. Our systems include the following:

A.The ValuePest Business System – Our business plan includes step-by-step instructions from the initial consumer contact, all the way to the follow up after the job is complete. Our confidential operations manual is over three hundred pages of detailed instruction, training and policies to guide you through the most effective way to start and operate a successful pest control business
B.The ValuePest System – This is our unique 25-point treatment system that controls crawling insect and rodent pests in residential structures.
C.The ValuePest Sales System – The Sales System combines the power of a trained call center support staff and our franchise owners into a proven system that successfully converts prospects into customers. When you visit a customer’s home there is a process that you follow from the moment you drive up, until you have successfully completed the job. This system was developed to produce consistency, both in customer contact and sales results.
D.ValuePest Customer Software – This software is the foundation of our relationship with our cutomers. It allows you to see every note, service, invoice, payment and all other important customer information live, even when you are in the field.

ValuePest Technology

Here at ValuePest, technology is not just computer hardware and software related. We also consider technology to be the methods, ideas, processes, systems or tools that help you achieve your goals. We constantly evaluate and improve our systems as well as look out for new tools and ideas that can run the business better.

ValuePest Marketing

You can be the world’s best bugman, carpet cleaner, handyman or mechanic, but if you don’t know how to do marketing, YOU’LL STARVE TO DEATH! You might have the best idea or even the best price, but without effective marketing your business will fail!

Follow The ValuePest Marketing Plan & You Get the Leads

We show you how to make your phone ring! Advertising is an investment, not an expense, and must be treated as such. All Valuepest advertising must be accountable, and you must have the ability to evaluate its performance. We don’t approve any ads that have no possibility of producing results. We believe in ads with strong headlines, big promises, strong offers, educational copy, and multiple avenues for response.

By teaching you how to understand what marketing drives customers to your business, you can focus on what’s important and save tons of wasted money; and that is building your business and taking care of our customers. You’ll have a professional, experienced management team (that you could never afford on your own), constantly working on new programs, campaigns and vehicles, designed to drive customers your way.

ValuePest University

ValuePest Online University Training Course begins with our on line introduction to the pest control industry that you complete from the privacy of your own home. It covers many of the basics of termite and pest control. Once you’ve completed the online portion you are ready to attend our week-long boot camp in Monroe NC.

ValuePest University Bootcamp is 5 days of extensive “classroom” and at least 5 days of in the field “on-the-job” training before and after the start of your business. Along with the training we will create a plan that gets the business off to a successful start, and then provide ongoing support. Some of the training instruction includes:

  • ValuePest Treatment Systems
  • Budgeting and Business Building
  • Insect Biology
  • Chemical Safety
  • Sales Training
  • Advertising and Marketing
  • Licensing
  • Scheduling Accounts
  • Sales Promotions

Are You A Match?

Building any profitable business takes commitment (which includes plenty of hard work), education, information, and the right set of internal values. Most people that go into business have various degrees of the first three, but lack the right values. Values can’t be taught, they must to be discovered, accepted and adopted as part of the way you see life.

Do You Have What It Takes To Become A Successful ValuePest Franchise Owner?

Over the years I have discovered some personal internal values that I believe you need in order to build any successful business. They are…

  1. A Burning Desire to Dominate the Marketplace
  2. Willingness to Follow Systems that Produce Consistent Results
  3. Ability to Understand ValuePest‘s Real Purpose

Please note: We can’t make boring people interesting and we can’t make lazy
people work. But, if you are aggressive, interested in building a business, have the
willingness to follow a simple business plan and have the funds to get started, then you may be right for ValuePest!


For a limited time, ValuePest is offering qualified new franchisees special in-house financing of their initial franchise fee with just 20 percent down.

Take The Next Step

I invite you to call me on my personal cell phone at 704-534-1201 for a brief telephone conversation. I will be glad answer any questions you may have, and discuss your business and personal goals to determine whether you are the kind of person we are looking for. If you are, I’ll explain how we need to move forward.

There is NO OBLIGATION and I promise no pressure when you call. I am as interested as you are in determining if ValuePest is “right for you.” With that in mind, I look forward to hearing from you soon!


Bob Jones


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