$79 Termite Treatment

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This Special Coupon Gives You:
Termite Control
Plus, Pest Control
Plus, Mosquito & Tick Control

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No More Termites, Ants, Spiders, Roaches,
Rodents or Mosquitos…Or It’s Free!

All for a fraction of the upfront cost of the “Big Guy” Exterminators

Tired of worrying about bugs?

So, you’re tired of the constant aggravation of termites, ants, spiders, mosquitos or rodent problems too and it’s time to get serious and do something about it, right? But, you don’t want to spend a ton of money or waste your Saturdays messing around with those over-the-counter sprays that just don’t work. And, you really don’t want to get ripped off by a high-priced exterminator, who disappears as soon as he has your money. Well, now you can stop worrying, because you’ve finally come to the right place. Let’s start with our…

No-Risk, 365-Day Money Back Guarantee!

If, FOR ANY REASON, you don’t feel that ValuePest is the best termite and pest control service, just let us know and we will refund every penny you’ve paid us in the last 365 days. What could be fairer than that?

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We’re The Best Value In Pest Control In Over 14,000 Homes

With our exclusive ValuePest Ultimate System, we take care of the termites, plus every pest that will ever enter your home or yard for a hundred’s less than what other companies charge for just a termite treatment. Plus, since we have a flat-fee service, we don’t waste your time playing games with high-pressure salesmen in your house. We quote all of our prices right over the phone in just minutes.

Limited Time Special Offer
$79 First Service

Call any other exterminator and expect to pay $1200 – $1500 upfront for termite control. And that doesn’t even count what you’ll pay for the other pest. But, call us today and you will get your first comprehensive service for only $79 (see below for what is included). Plus, we will perform our full Home Termite & Pest Audit (a $99 value) absolutely free.

Bonus: Free Home Termite & Pest Audit
(a $99 value)

Our Home Termite & Pest Audit is a total expert evaluation of your home’s foundation and structural or environmental conditions that are conducive to pest activity. We’ll tell you exactly what we can do to improve your home, crawlspace and yard, and advise you on how to get and keep a pest-free home. When we’re finished, you will be provided with a complete written report of our findings for your records.

Get an Instant Rock Solid Quote, Over The Phone
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The ValuePest Ultimate System.
We Leave Bugs With No Place To Hide!

We use the latest in mild, but long-lasting materials to set up a defense barrier in and around your home. Because all materials are placed out of sight and out of reach, they aren’t exposed to sunlight, detergents from routine housecleaning, or other elements that can cause a treatment to break down. And, our treatment is completely odorless in the home. There’s no doubt about it. Our ValuePest Ultimate System is the most convenient and cost-effective termite and pest prevention you can buy!

Step 1. Inspection: Before we apply any materials in, under or around your home our technician will complete a full inspection of your structure. This will include the interior, garage and crawlspace areas.

Step 2. Identification: During our inspection we will identify any visible signs of insect or rodent pests, past and present signs of damage and/or conducive conditions that may attract pest activity to your home.

Step 3. Termite Prevention System (Liquid Application): We will drill, trench and treat any active termites that we find attacking your home with a non-repellent termiticide. Non-repellents are the best option for this part of the treatment because the termites don’t move from the treated zone, they can’t detect the material, so they just keep coming back for more. Once they enter the treatment zone, the material makes the termites stop feeding and grooming each other, they become disoriented and die.

Step 4. Pest Prevention System (Interior Service): We will inject special dust formulations into accessible wall voids, an insects’ favorite hiding places. These dust formulations will be actively protecting your home as long as they stay dry. Insect baits are then placed under home appliances where insects scurry in search of food and water.

Step 5. Pest Prevention System (Exterior Service): A complete liquid barrier will be placed around your home to keep insect activity away from your home. Granular repellent materials are placed in the soil and in the shrubbery areas immediately adjacent to your home to drive away pests. Specially formulated dusts and baits are placed into the cracks and crevices around your home’s foundation to stop insects.

Step 6. Mosquito Barrier: (Exterior Service): A complete mosquito barrier is fogged thorough the trees, plants and bushes in your entire back yard. In addition to stopping mosquito’s dead in their tracks, it also stops ticks and fire ants in the yard.

Step 7. Communication: This is the most important step in our pest prevention system. Once our initial system is complete and on any future treatments, our technician will report three (3) things. What he found on his inspection, what he did to correct the situation and finally, what you should expect from our treatment.

Step 8. Regular Service: We will come to your home every other month to perform exterior services and reinforce the exterior material barrier. These visits are very important to the long-term success of your pest-free home. We will inspect and treat any areas that have pest activity or nesting sites close to you home as we find them. In addition, we will keep a sharp eye on, and report any new conditions that may lead to future pest infestation.

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