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Bedbug Control – Your Guaranteed Solution

Bedbugs are quickly becoming an epidemic in this country and can easily be delivered into your home where just one bedbug can explode into many. Hygiene has nothing to do with this blood-sucking pest. They simply hitch a ride in your luggage when you stay at the wrong hotel.

Bedbugs infest any small crack they can find. Boxes, books, bedding, baseboards, furniture and mattresses are their favorite harborage areas.

Although difficult to control, that is exactly what has to happen when they infest your home. Don’t waste time and money throwing valuable material out because most likely that is unnecessary.


Bedbugs ARE NOT a do it yourself pest control project. You need to call ValuePest and have one of our professionals inspect and give you advice on ridding them from your home.


  • We perform a no-obligation inspection of your home’s interior to determine the extent of the infestation;
  • We design a tailor-made solution for your particular situation that includes the treatment to eliminate any current infestations and to prevent any future infestation. Areas of control should include:
    • Bedding
    • Cracks and crevices
    • Wall voids
    • Moisture sensitive areas
  • Follow up inspections and regular treatments help stop bedbug from reinvading your home.
Bedbug on a stick

Bed Bug FAQ’s

Q: What are Bed Bugs?

A:  Bed bugs are parasitic insects that feed on the blood of humans and other mammals.

Q: What Do Bed Bugs Look Like?

A:  Adult Bed Bugs look like an apple seed. They are small, about 1/4 inch long, oval in shape, and reddish-brown in color. Pre-Adult Bed Bugs, known as nymphs, differ from adults in size and their color may be clear to tan.

Q: Where Do Bed Bugs Hide?

A:  Bed Bugs are flat and are able to squeeze into the tiny cracks and crevices of mattresses, box springs, behind baseboards, headboards, and inside of furniture. They prefer to live in groups and are often found in clusters where the adults, nymphs and eggs are found together in a protected area.

Q: How Did I Get Bed Bugs?

A:  Bed Bugs are adept hitchhikers. They can enter your home in luggage, on clothing and inside of furniture. They are found in hotels, movie theaters, train cars, airplanes and many other public places where people are at rest for any period of time.

Q: What Do Bed Bug Bites Look Like?

A:  Bed Bug bites are difficult to distinguish from flea or mosquito bites because not all skin reactions are the same. Bed Bugs bite the exposed skin of their host while the host is sleeping or at rest, often on the neck, face, arms or hands.

Q: What Am I Being Bitten and Other Family Members Are Not?

A:  The anesthetic that Bed Bugs use to numb your skin may or may not cause a visible allergic reaction. This allergic reaction may cause raised, red bumps or blemish-like skin irritation, accompanied by an itching sensation. While some people find that they observe mild to severe discomfort and itchiness, others may not notice any discomfort at all.

Q: Can I Treat For Bed Bugs Myself?

A:  Bed Bugs are very difficult to treat, even for well-trained, seasoned technicians. You should not attempt to control an infestation with do-it-yourself products. Leave these pesky critters to the professionals at ValuePest.

Q: How Does ValuePest Treat For Bed Bugs?

A:  ValuePest uses the latest products and techniques in the battle against these blood-sucking arthropods. While individual circumstances vary from structure to structure, we use a combination of proven techniques that include traditional insecticides, crack and crevice treatments, and other products that will eliminate the existing infestation.

Q: Should I Throw Out My Mattress and Furniture?

A:  In most cased ValuePest does not recommend that you discard these items. Most often, they can be treated successfully and used for many years to come.

Q: How Do I Prepare For A ValuePest Bed Bug Treatment?

A:  Follow the steps outlined in our, “Bed Bug Treatment Preparation Checklist.”

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