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ValuePest Is The Year Long Solution To Your Pest Problem

ValuePest’s seasonal treatment program ensures that your home stays pest-free all year long. It’s the year-round pest control, bug control, termite control solution! Our step-by-step approach, performed by our highly trained service technicians, helps us search out and destroy insects with the longest lasting, low odor materials available to give you the results you are looking for.

Since 1989, ValuePest has been the expert in residential and commercial pest prevention. Our technicians are local, living right where you do. We are your neighborhood pest and termite control experts – familiar with our local pest populations and seasonal trends in our community.

ValuePest Is The Year Long Solution
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Pest control, Bug control, Termite control

Whether you are experiencing mice, spiders or termites, ValuePest is the company to call for home pest control. We are always here to help solve your pest problems – guaranteed or your money back!

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Spring is the season for newly emerging colonies of insects

Spring! – Spring is the season for newly emerging colonies of insects that begin to forage for food, water and harborage areas in and around your home. During our spring service we focus on finding these emerging pests, then eliminating them before they set up shop inside your home. This is the time of year when we work to prevent these pests from gaining entry into your home by pruning back emerging vegetation and sealing up exterior cracks and other entry-ways.

Summer is the season when pests multiply rapidly

Summer! – Summer is the season when pests multiply rapidly in the landscape areas around your home. ValuePest technicians utilize, inspect, and provide targeted treatments designed to find these breeding grounds and solve any identified pest issues. We focus on the conditions, avenues and sources to prevent future pest problems from developing inside your home.

Fall is the season of submergence where pests slow down their breeding

Fall! – Fall is the season of submergence where pests slow down their breeding and development cycle. As cooler weather returns and as rainfall and irrigation amounts are reduced, pests will begin to seek out the shelter of your home. During your fall treatment our technician will focus on the potential avenues into your home such as weather stripping around windows and doors or the eaves and soffits up at the roofline.

Winter months bring on the dormancy season

Winter! – Winter months bring on the dormancy season where pest populations slow down as they retreat deeper underground or try to move indoors for warmth and shelter. We make bait applications to eliminate potential problems before they occur next spring and during the winter months of December, January and February we perform your annual termite inspection and report any areas that may require your attention.

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