Silverfish are tropical insects that easily adapt to the structural environment. They love warm temperatures from 72 to 90 degrees. In structures, they rest during the day in small cracks and come out at night to feed.

Silverfish can roam great distances looking for food, but once a food source is located, they remain close by until the supply is exhausted.

Silverfish can be found throughout a structure from the basement to the attic. Outdoors, they can be found in mulch and beneath siding and roof shingles.

Silverfish readily feed on books, glue, cloth, sometimes dried meats and dead insects.


Begin by searching out areas that provide moisture, harborage and food. Reducing moisture, lowering the temperature and removing infested items can help eliminate infestations.

Careful and thorough application of baits and/or residual insecticides are effective to their control.

A professional control process will include:

  • Inspection – Inspect for areas of high moisture and temperature.
  • Identification – The nesting and harborage areas of these insects.
  • Determination – Once you have identified the species and nesting sites you must determine the proper treatment process.
  • Control – Making the correct application of product.
  • Communication – The last part of a successful Silverfish control is communication. Our technician reports, what was found during our inspection, what we did about it and what you can expect from our treatment. He will also discuss if further follow up treatments should be scheduled to make sure the problem is solved.
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