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Premise 75 vs. Termidor Fact Sheet

The products recommended and used by termite control professionals to control termite infestations have changed over the past 100 years.

In the beginning, exterminators used what are known as, “repellent termiticides.” The theory behind repellent products was to repel the termites away from the structure. The main problem with repellent products was that foraging termites are known to test the chemical barrier until they find a way past it. Once they find that entry point into the structure, they begin their attack.

Premise 75

In 1996, Bayer Environmental Science introduced a, “non-repellent termiticide,” called Premise 75 into the United States. Unlike repellent products, Premise 75 creates a treated zone around a structure that termites cannot detect. There is no odor, no taste or smell with Premise 75.

Premise 75 has a solid reputation as a reliable long-lasting termiticide with no serious problems encountered in the market place. Premise 75 provides immediate protection, stopping termites in their tracks as they contact the product in the treated soil. It has been used successfully in more than 1 million homes in the United States.

Bayer has conducted an extensive analysis of the termiticide’s effectiveness. In it’s study, Bayer found that more than 99% of structures treated with Premise 75, at full label rates, required NO retreatment throughout a 5-year period, with no serious re-infestation problems.

Given the tenacity of termites, in-conjunction with the wide variation of technical skills of the applicators, climate conditions, soil variations and building construction types, the results were simply amazing.

The good news for homeowner’s is Premise 75 will remain in place for many years after it is professionally applied.

A Premise 75 treated zone prevents termite entry, to protect your home for the long-term.

Another great benefit to using Premise 75 is it is one of the most cost-effective termite control products. The cost is determined by the size and design of your home’s foundation structure, the extent of termite infestation found, the risk of further attack and on-going termite activity and other environmental factors.


Termidor is manufactured by BASF. Because of the product’s national marketing program, Termidor is the largest selling termiticide in the United States.

The US Forestry Service has field-tested Termidor for years and the results show its 100% effective in creating a non-repellent termite barrier.

Termites come into contact with treated soil without detecting Termidor’s fatal effect until a few days later, after enough time for the termites to spread the active ingredient to other termites throughout the colony contact.

Creating A Protected Treatment Zone

The first step in a professional termite control program is a ValuePest home termite inspection.

Based on the findings of this inspection, our technician will recommend exactly where and how the termiticide will be applied to protect your home.

An effective application requires specialized knowledge and costly application equipment. The following steps should be completed:

· First, a trench should be created around the exterior foundation elements and the termiticide should be applied to that trench at the rate of 4 gallons per linear feet;
· A trench should be created in the soil around any utility pipes or foundation piers in the crawlspace areas within 4 feet of any evidence of termite activity;
· Holes should be drilled, at an interval of no more than 12 inches, and the termiticide should be injected with a treatment rod under any exterior concrete foundation elements around the structure at the rate of 4 gallons per linear feet;
· Holes should also be drilled, at an interval of no more than 12 inches, and the termiticide should be injected with a treatment rod under any interior concrete floor slabs, expansion joints and cracks, within 4 feet of any evidence of termite activity at the rate of 4 gallons per linear feet;

Premise 75 vs. Termidor

Premise 75’s active ingredient is Imidacloprid.

Termidor’s active ingredient is Fipronil.

Both of these products are non-repellents and kill termites to provide long-lasting protection.

Both products are odorless, tasteless and the termites do not know they are being eliminated.

The application process is basically the same for both products.

At ValuePest, we offer you either option. But, in our opinion, Premise 75 is like putting regular gas in your car and Termidor is like paying more for premium gas. They will both get you to the same place – it’s up to you to decide how much you pay to get there.

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