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Rodent Control – Your Guaranteed Solution

Rodent populations with both rats and mice can explode and their infestations can quickly get out of hand. Known as commensal pests because they “share one’s table”. Rodents can scare some people and spread deadly disease throughout your home.

Because rodents don’t have a bone structure, mice can enter your home through cracks as small as a dime and rats can get in cracks as small as a quarter in size.

Rodents are known to cause thousands of house fires each year due to their never ending gnawing habits.

ValuePest’s guaranteed rodent control program focuses on a three-phase strategy, which involves sanitation, rodent exclusion and trapping. One thing that we never use is rodent baits because their use can be more harmful than the rodents themselves.

Rats Eating In Messy Kitchen
Wild Wood Mouse

A Thorough Rodent Inspection Is Your Key To Success!

The best way to find out if you have a problem is to call ValuePest for a no-obligation home inspection.

Our technician will inspect your home from top to bottom and provide you with a comprehensive inspection report detailing any rodent activity so we can fix the problem before it spirals out of control.


  • We perform a no-obligation inspection of your home;
  • We design a tailor-made rodent control solution that includes the sanitation, exclusion and trapping of any rodent infestation;
  • Regular monitoring stops these outside pests from re-entering your home;
Rats On Cooking Pot In Basement

WARNING Never Let Anyone Put Rat Poison In Your Home.

The use of rodenticides puts children and pets at high risk of accidental poisoning in their own home. Rodenticides are not only poisonous for rodents. Rodenticide baits can be lethal for any mammal or bird that ingests them.

Rodenticide is usually formulated as bait that comes in different colors and forms such as pellets, grains, and blocks. Some baits also include flavorings such as fish oil and peanut butter.

As a result, all baits, especially the small and colored pellets, pose a high risk of poisoning for children who might mistake the bait for candy or food. It can be surprisingly difficult to keep these products out of the reach of children since baits – to be most effective – are usually placed on the floor, offering kids ready access.

ValuePest. Committed To Your Complete Satisfaction.

If you are ever unsatisfied with the results of our service, we’ll provide corrective service at no additional charge. After 30 days, should your problem persist, we’ll continue to provide service at no additional charge until you are satisfied, or we’ll refund your last regular service payment.

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