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ValuePest Franchise Review: Q&A with Mark Lemon


ValuePest Franchise owner of 10 years talks about his ValuePest experience.

Mark Lemon is the proud owner of ValuePest in the Kansas City metro area. After 10 years, Mark is renewing his franchise for another 10 years. As one of our oldest franchise owners and we asked him to share his experiences of owning a ValuePest franchise.

QWhat were you doing before purchasing your ValuePest franchise?

ABefore joining ValuePest I was a full time machinist working 50 to 60 hours a week while doing pest control part time in the evenings and weekends.

QWhat made you consider purchasing a franchise

AWhile I had some pest control experience and knew how to treat for pests, when it came to advertising and really growing a business I was lost. One day I was looking through PCT magazine and saw an for ValuePest franchises. Although I had never personally heard of ValuePest, I decided to call and see what they had to say. After speaking with Mr. Jones several times I was inspired but a little cautious because they were new in franchising and had no franchises in the Midwest. After much thought I finally decided that if I wanted to do this on a full time basis ValuePest would be my best chance for success.

QHow is ValuePest different from your previous professional experience?

AThe difference between ValuePest and when I was doing this on my own is the support that is always been there. If I ever have questions or need any direction ValuePest is always there for me. Having the support of multiple people and multiple ideas is a huge advantage in business and I my opinion the only way to grow a business.

QWhat sets ValuePest apart for your customers?

AMy customers love the fact that I don’t send out a high-pressure salesman to try to force our business on them and over sell them on services they don’t need. We train our technicians to know everything they need so we don’t have to have multiple people to do the job that one cross-trained technician can do more efficiently. We can provide total protection for less and our customers love that.

QWhat kind of person makes a good ValuePest franchise owner?

AThe type of person I feel makes the best ValuePest franchise owner is a person who has a strong work ethic, is honest, clean, and dependable. I think an owner always needs to be thinking, “how I would want to be treated,” when they go to a customer’s home. When you are done with a job and look back and say I gave the customer more than their money’s worth.

QHow large is the ValuePest opportunity for growth?

AThe opportunity is endless. It all depends on yourself and how big of a goal you want to set for yourself.

QWho are your main customers?

AMy customer base is built heavily on realtors and homeowner sales. ValuePest is very strong communicating to this market segment, probably the strongest marketing program in the industry. I have marketed to them for the last 10 years and it has done very well.

QWhat do you like about the business?

AI think the biggest thing I like about the pest control business is it does not take a lot of overhead to make this business work well and make money. The ValuePest business model is easy to follow. Just don’t try to overthink the plan. It works best when you follow the system.

QWhat are your biggest challenges?

AMy biggest challenge is staying motivated. Every person gets worn down from the everyday challenges of owning their own business. But that is why owning a ValuePest franchise helps me keep the motivation going because they always have people backing you and helping you with your needs.

QWould you recommend the ValuePest franchise to a friend? Why?

AI would, because I know first hand that the system works. I have been with the company as a franchise owner for 10 years now and have had nothing but success. Yes, there has been down times as there are with any business but this is a proven company and is doing nothing but growing every year.

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Headquartered in Monroe, North Carolina, ValuePest operates 65 franchised territories and company service operations in NC, SC, FL, KS, MO, and VA. The company provided termite & pest control services to over 25,000 customers in 2014 and saving customers approximately $8,000,000. In addition to tremendous savings, our customers also save time and aggravation, while always receiving total protection from every crawling insect and rodent pest, including termites, with the ValuePest system. To learn more information about becoming a ValuePest franchise owner contact us toll-free at 1-866-DONT-OVERPAY (1-866-366-8683).

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