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Cockroaches are among the most common insect pests. They say for every cockroach you find in your home during the day, there are thousands more hiding behind the walls. If you have a cockroach infestation, turn to ValuePest. Since 1989, we have delivered pest control the way it should be.

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What You Should Know About Cockroaches

Cockroaches have been around for nearly 350 million years. They come in many sizes from very small to several inches long. Only a few cockroach species found in the U.S. routinely enter and infest homes. The top 95% are German, America, Oriental, and Brownbanded cockroaches.

Most cockroaches are tropical in origin, generally living outdoors. They are mostly active at night, when they forage for food and water, and search for mates. Cockroaches prefer a moist environment and high degree of warmth and most are attracted to light. These scavengers love unsanitary areas like garbage cans, wood piles, sewage systems, and septic tanks. Cockroaches prefer to stay in cracks and crevices in which they can hide from predators.

Cockroaches have a “gradual metamorphosis,” which means they have a three-stage life cycle: egg, nymph, and adult.

The females produce an egg capsule, called an ootheca, which has two rows of eggs inside. Once hatched, the nymphs generally resemble the adults but smaller in size. As they grow, the nymphs shed their skins or “molt” several times while growing into larger adult cockroaches.

Adult cockroaches spend their time foraging for food and producing more cockroaches.

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How We Approach Cockroach Control

Understanding cockroach biology and behavior is essential to controlling their populations inside of your home.

Our professional cockroach control process includes:

  • Inspection – The first step in any professional treatment program is inspection. Where are the cockroaches nesting? What are their food and moisture sources?
  • Identification – Before you can treat, you must know which species of cockroaches you are dealing with because different species will react in different ways to treatment.
  • Determination – Once you have identified the species, you must determine the proper treatment process for it. Which treatments—baits, liquid repellents, or exterior granular applications—will work best for this infestation?
  • Control – Ensure lasting results by properly applying products and treatments.
  • Communication – The last part of a successful cockroach control program is communication. Our technician reports what was found during our inspection, what we did about it, and what you can expect from our treatment.

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