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If you’ve got pest problems, we’ve got the solution! At ValuePest, our team of highly trained pest control specialists are here to treat your current pest problem and prevent future problems from taking place. In 1989, our team was established as the leading pest control company in Leland. We are passionate about serving the members of our community and ensuring their homes and yards are pest free, safe, and healthy. ValuePest is committed to delivering premium, affordable pest control because we believe you deserve to feel comfortable in your own home. That’s why we have pioneered “The Way Pest Control Should Be®.”

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Signs of a Bed Bug Infestation

Bed bug infestations can be a real nightmare, which is why it is crucial to identify them right away. Bed bugs are skilled hitchhikers that often hitch a ride on suitcases, used furniture, clothing, purses, or other fabricated items. Once inside your home, they can quickly and easily make their way into each room and multiply. The key to effective treatment is getting pest control experts on the job as quickly as possible.

You might have a bed bug infestation if:

  • You can see small, oval, reddish-brown bugs
  • You have unexplained red, itchy bites on your body
  • There are blood stains on your bedding
  • There are dark, rusty spots on your sheets
  • You notice an unexplained musty odor

Contrary to what their name indicates, bed bugs are not only found in beds. They are also commonly found in headboards, bedside tables, behind loose wallpaper, in the seams of chairs and couches, at the junction where the wall and ceiling meet, and in drawer joints. Adult bed bugs are visible to the naked eye, so we recommend thoroughly examining these areas with a flashlight to determine if they are in your home.

How Do I Prevent The Need For Termite Control?

Termites are the very last pest you want in your home. While these pests are typically hidden away where you can’t see them, they can and will cause a massive amount of damage to your home if they are left untreated.

Luckily, there are a few things you can do to prevent needing termite control such as:

  • Trim all trees back so branches are at least a few feet away from the roof - If you have wood that's even coming close to your home, it's a short distance for a termite to go to get to your roof that could have wooden shingles.
  • Never place piles of wood against your home - Make sure to keep all types of wood from trees to firewood separated from your home to avoid needing our Leland termite control experts.
  • Remove any vines that are touching your roof - Being careful of all points of entry is essential in preventing termites access to your home because once they are there, they'll feast on whatever they can find.
  • Fix plumbing leaks right away to avoid moisture in your home - Termites love water so make sure to act quickly on any and all leaks so that you're not giving termites the perfect grounds for entry.
  • Avoid using mulch around the foundation of your home - Termites love mulch for much of the same reason as plants do. It captures moisture and gives protection. While termites don't eat mulch, they'll use it to gain entry to find what they really want.
  • Trim all shrubs to maintain at least 12 inches between the shrubbery and the foundation - As your foundation is as close to the ground as your home allows, it's the perfect entrance into your home for termites to access.
  • Turn sprinklers away from the foundation of your home - If you have water at the foundation of your home, then it's inviting termites over. Also make sure to act particularly quickly on all slab leaks so that you don't have to call in our Leland termite control experts.
  • Ensure proper ventilation and moisture control in crawlspaces - As crawl spaces are low and dark, they're good for termites. If you have any dubious places, make sure to consider a dehumidifier.

The key to prevention is keeping up with the maintenance tasks listed above. In addition, we recommend scheduling routine inspections with our Leland exterminators to ensure your home is taken care of. Routine inspections with qualified professionals ensure that any pest problems are discovered and treated early on.

How To Prevent The Need For Mosquito Control

1. Get rid of standing water - Since mosquitos need standing water to lay their eggs, you should be on the lookout for any buckets full of water or parts of the home that don't have proper draining.

2.Trim hedges and grass - In order to prevent the need for our Leland mosquito control experts to get rid of your mosquitos, you should trim your hedges and grass as mosquitos need shade in order to survive the heat.

3. Clean out your gutters - If your gutters are full of leaves, you'll end up getting pooling water around where the leaves are preventing the draining which will enable mosquitos to lay their eggs.

4. Treat your standing water you can't get rid of - If you have a pool then chlorine should do the trick, but if you have a water garden then minnows will eat mosquito eggs for you.

5. Use fans to blow them around - If you're hosting guests then put a bunch of fans around the room and turn on your ceiling fans to rid yourself of the need for mosquito control in Leland and surrounding areas. Since mosquitos are so light they'll blow away easily and keep you and your guests safe.

The ValuePest Ultimate System

At ValuePest, we don’t believe in charging you an arm and a leg for the pest control you deserve. Typical pest control companies will offer protection plans that exclude insects that sting, bite, or eat homes, just so they can provide these services for an additional cost. Our team does things much differently. When you sign up for our ValuePest Ultimate System, you can expect to receive the most comprehensive pest control at the best possible price. You will receive total pest protection in your home and yard. This bi-monthly service controls all pests in your home and yard, including rodents, bees and wasps, termites, fleas, cockroaches, bed bugs, silverfish, Indian meal moths, millipedes, crickets, ants, ticks, spiders, mosquitoes, and more!

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